Friday, December 8, 2006

Raising an orphaned orangutan in a loving home

Our latest book, A Young Orangutan in a Loving Home is a delightful look for children (and adults) into the home of renowned primatologist, Francine Neago, as she raises an orphaned orangutan in Java, Indonesia!

Under her loving care, the gentle, sensitive, and intelligent orangutan thrives contentedly - copying all the family’s actions like any normal child.

This book is a day-by-day account of the young orangutan’s routine and activities. Children will peek into the mind of this intelligent and lovable ape, as he strives to master difficult skills of his own choice. They will enjoy how he indulges in his daily bath, his various creative pursuits, and the mischievous activity that overcomes him when he is left alone too long. Children’s awareness of their ape cousins’ similarities to themselves will be heightened, and respect for this endangered species should be the outcome.

Black and white illustrations, strategically placed throughout, have captured the light-hearted essence of the story. There is also a glossary, index, and more reading pages. A must read for home, school, and community library. Online ordering is available through Uturat Publishing's website.


Di Bailey said...

This book certainly shows that animals such as orangutans have intelligence. I have always known that.

I also felt light and happy reading the book. I think most adults would enjoy it as I did. I'm glad I bought it for my grandchildren.

I also think the message it conveys is very "timely".

Mary Murphy said...

I found "A Young Orangutan in A Loving Home" to be not only entertaining and delightful, but also very informative and incredible. I felt tenderness as I read of Tuan's unique humanlike characteristics. Each day he shared and returned love and understanding in his busy, creative, and sometimes mischievous days. I would like to have met him. Heartwarming!
Mary Murphy, MN `